How to Buy Scrap Gold


How to Buy Scrap Gold and Make Money Selling It.

Scrap gold and gold jewelry have been prized throughout history.

Scrap-Gold-Bracelet-With-EaringsWars, famine, environmental upheavals ALWAYS drive the price of both scrap gold pieces and collector and jewelry pieces higher in value.

Trump’s election is just one example of the volatility of gold.

Brexit caused gold prices to spike.

Nations continue to fight to acquire gold and to protect it.

There is gold bullion and gold collection pieces.

Your goal is to buy low and sell high!

We teach you how to do this.

How to Make Money Buying & Selling Scrap Gold

Gold, in all its forms, is the only REAL MONEY!

Gold is indestructible. Whether discovered deep beneath the ocean or buried in the back yard, scrap gold and collectible gold pieces maintain their value for eternity.

Accomplishing your goal: to learn the secrets of crafty gold buyers that have been used for centuries – will change your life.

Once gained, this Gold knowledge cannot be taken from you.

And, no matter where you’re located in the world, you can use the knowledge we provide to you to make a great living on your own terms.

There are those of us who call the buying and selling of scrap Gold “WORK.”

I call it FUN!

  • Work
  • Where you want
  • When you want
  • With whomever you want
  • Make as much MONEY as you want.
  • Spend/Invest your money anyway you want.
  • Barter gold for other commodities like card, real estate, food, ammunition, water… even sex if you’re so inclined.

Buying and Selling Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry, Gold Coins and Gold Bars.

Ownership of gold must always be an important tactic for achieving financial peace of mind.

Maintaining physical possession of gold is crucial to having control of part of your wealth.

Although often volatile, Gold has always maintained its value throughout the history of man!

How to buy and sell goldFollow the rules in our new, “How to Buy Scrap Gold and Silver Book!”

Again, you can start on Your Path to Making Money 5 Minutes From This Very Moment!

We can deliver our new Scrap Gold Service Book to your Inbox immediately or ship it free via USPS. (Allow 3-4 biz days).

GET STARTED NOW. Put your new skills to “Work!”

SCRAP GOLD: Learn to buy low and sell high.

Understand that gold valuations run in cycles depending on any number of political, environmental, and fashion themes. You can learn how to get a “handle” on these cycles and profit from them.

  • Imagine having a skill that no one can take from you!
  • A skill that is all in your head.
  • A skill that crosses all borders.
  • A skill that is highly prized in all societies.
  • A skill that never goes out of fashion.
  • A skill that is not impacted by the “sharing economy,” artificial intelligence, robots, driverless cars…
  • A skill you’re never too old to profit from.
  • A skill you can teach to family, friends and clients.
  • A skill that, once learned correctly, will change your life and your reality.



Make Money Buying and Selling Gold


How to Make Money Buying and Selling Gold

1st, be honest with folks! Avoid paying your scrap gold sellers peanuts for their old jewelry and bracelets.

Treat scrap gold sellers fairly and they will come back in future weeks and months.

And of course, they’ll send their friends and family members to you for gold purchases as well.

So, the gold buyer at the local pawnshop will try to get away with paying 10% to 25% of the fair market value of the gold.

The scrap gold buyers on radio, TV and Craigs List will attempt to pay as little as 8% of the true scrap gold value. These guys lack brains. And they lack staying power! After word gets around that they cheat folks, these scrap gold buyers will be gone. On to the next “big thing…”

Not you! Be straight with everyone you meet. Follow our guidelines layed out in our “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business” and you will prosper LONG TERM!

Educate your customer. Display your wisdom about gold in a friendly manner.

Explain the scrap gold process we teach you in detail in our Gold Business Manual.

In it’s simplest terms, your customer allows you to determine the gold content of their piece. You value their item based on today’s “spot price.” [Very simple and we explain this thoroughly in our Book.] You deliver or mail the piece to a refiner; a list of refiners is included in our “Scrap Gold Startup Book.” The refiner must smelt, refine, essay, and pour it into ingots. Then this gold is resold.

We’ll teach you how to explain this process to your scrap gold seller in very easy to understand terminology.

Bottom line with our method?

  • Your customer leaves happy
  • You make money
  • Your refiner is happy. They pay you 85% to 92%+ of the “spot price.”
  • And you repeat this transaction over and over again.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Here’s a fairly typical scenario:

  • Sellers bring you 3 to 4 gold jewelry pieces
  • Average weight is probably 2 ounces.
  • Most of these scrap gold jewelry pieces will be 14K gold – that’s 58% pure gold.
  • 2 ounces of 14 karat gold is 1.16 ounces of pure gold.
  • You visit, scroll down to our Scrap Gold Calculator and enter the info to get today’s scrap gold value.
  • Now, negotiate with your gold seller to accept say 50% of this value. Since you taught them about the gold process thanks to our Gold Book, this education process will be a cinch for you!
  • Sell your gold to your refiner for… let’s be conservative and say… 90%.
  • Your profit? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $410 based on today’s scrap gold price!
  • Again: Rinse and repeat MANY TIMES PER WEEK. YOU will be a happy camper! [And, so will your customers and your refiner!]


4 Secrets: How to Start a Gold Business


4 secrets to making money by buying and selling scrap gold.

You want to start a gold business? We have your solution!

Who is our “Gold Business Profit Guide” for? It’s for entrepreneurs, small business operators, investors, collectors, fund raisers and anyone else who wants to learn how to make serious money buying and selling scrap gold.

How to Start Gold Business
Cash for Gold Biz

Our guide, “How to Make Money Buying & Selling Scrap Gold and Jewelry”  enables you to enter the lucrative gold buying and selling industry.

Whether you plan to start a mobile gold buying business, open a “cash for gold” store, build a gold party business, start a hobby that makes money rather than costs you money, or add a gold buying operation to an existing business, our “Scrap Gold Guide” will show you the way.

Not only can a scrap gold jewelry business be extremely profitable, but it can free you from the “daily grind” and provide a fascinating path to a life in which you spend your time exactly the way you choose.

It doesn’t take years of study and an expensive college degree followed by long hours working for the “company” to learn the gold business.

If you invest one weekend studying our  Scrap Gold Guide –  including practicing weighing and testing scrap gold, silver and platinum – you’ll have the power to achieve financial freedom and the confidence and the confidence that comes from being certain you have a skill that can be practiced anywhere in the world.

No one can take away your knowledge!

Scrap Gold Business: No one can deprive you of your ability to conduct a business that has always been in demand and will continue to be.

The buying and selling of gold for profit is not only your pathway to financial freedom but is the light to achieving peace of mind. You’ll never again be at the mercy of the whims of an employer.

Never again will you allow a “boss” to put a lid on your income.

With the knowledge gained from studying our “How to Make Money with Scrap Gold & Jewelry Guide” – in concert with effort and action by you – you’ll have the ability to “work” when you want, where you want, as long as you want and to become as rich as you want.

You’ll be rich not only in financial terms, but also in the knowledge that YOU are your own person with the ability to live your life as you like.

As a professional gold buyer, you’ll have the ability to enjoy your life anywhere. You’ll never again stress about how to make money. Young or old, the gold business can be practiced with little regard to your physical condition or intelligence.

A profitable scrap gold business is not rocket science!

Sure, there is some basic arithmetic involved.

  • Simply practice the examples
  • Learn a few gram, pennyweight and ounce transactions
  • Get an inexpensive battery powered calculator and
  • You’ll be set.


Please don’t skim through our “Scrap Gold Guide” and then set it aside never to be referred to again.

As you hold our Gold Business Guide, know that there is POWER in your hands! There is POTENTIAL between your fingers! Don’t let it slip away! Don’t let this opportunity to change your life slowly evaporate into non-action AGAIN. THIS TIME, GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!

Invest in our “Cash for Gold Business Manual” here: Click here to get it!


Start a Cash for Gold Business


How to start a cash for gold business

Is now a good time to learn how to make money buying and selling scrap gold, jewelry, watches…?

Scrap gold prices are headed higher again, What’s this mean to you? The opporunity to start a scrap gold business for the cost of a few cups of coffee!

  1. Melted down rings, tooth fillings, bracelets, earrings… are drying up. The desperate poor sold their stuff when gold was above $1500/oz.
  2. Today, the gold mines are tapped out so supply is falling around the world. This leads to higher scarp gold prices.
  3. Payday loans are under attack. The CFPB and the States are killing them. As they disappear, the poor with any gold jewelry left will bring their pieces back into the market for sale.
  4. In 2014, only 28% of the world gold supply came from recycled scrap gold. In 2015 and beyond these numbers will continue to drop.
  5. As this information is absorbed by the masses, there is only one direction for gold prices: UP!
Cash for Gold Biz
Cash for Gold Biz

So… What’s all this mean. Knowledge WINS! You can start a cash for gold business in your home town, expand to Craigs List, then to the Web with our new Book: “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business.”

Set yourself free! Take the first step and invest in YOU! Get the BOOK now!



Cash for Gold Business License


How to Start a Cash for Gold Business

After investing in our “How to Start a Cash for Gold Business Guide,” one of the first questions we are always asked is:

  • Do I need a license to start a cash for gold business?
  • How do I find out?
  • Is a cash for gold business license required by my State or province?
  • My County?
  • My city?
  • My local police department?


Our answer to scrap gold business licensing?

  1. First, READ OUR GUIDE! We cover licensing of cash for gold businesses thoroughly.
  2. Second, visit your local police department. Tell them you are CONTEMPLATING the start up of a cash for gold business. Ask them what you need,  if anything, to buy and sell scrap gold in your city. In some states and provinces, the local police department offers a simple scrap gold licensing application.
  3. Third, visit your local city hall. In many jurisdictions, your city or county will regulate your new cash for gold business. Call them up or drive there and ask. Again, you are CONTEMPLATING a cash for gold startup!
  4. Fourth, your state or province maybe the appropriate agency. Google them and make the call. Often, your state will provide specific scrap gold licensing info. Or, at least they’ll have a Contact Form enabling you to make an inquiry.
  5. Fifth, visit other cash for gold stores in your town. If a license is required, they’ll post a copy of it on a wall inside their location. Usually, the licensing authority for their cash for gold business will have a phone number and address on the license. Write down this info or take a quick picture of the license with your phone.
  6. Sixth, failing all these ideas for determining if you need a cash for gold business license, just simply begin. It’s better to ask forgiveness than for permission.

Get Started on Your Path to Making Money 5 Minutes From This Very Moment! You’ll be reading our Scrap Gold Money Machine Guide in just a few moments!

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How to Start Cash for Gold Business


How to Start a Cash for Gold Business

We’ve been buying and selling scrap gold in our car title and payday loan stores for 12+ years.

We have been training entrepreneurs how to start a cash for gold business and get started buying and selling scrap gold jewelry for 10+ years.

Are you ready to jump-in and START buying gold jewelry? Are you tired of “Googling” and “Binging” your nights away trying to figure out how to make some great money while working for yourself in the cash for gold industry?

I know, YOU need some no B.S. answers about the cash for gold buying and selling opportunity that still exists today!

  • Does it matter whether scrap gold is $500 oz or $2000 oz? No! You can always make a good profit on the “spread.” We show you how in our Manual; the same one we use to train all our employees in our mobile buying models and in our cash for gold stores.
  • How do I get new customers? There are dozens of methods for bringing your cash for gold business to the attention of your customers. Our Manual has several chapters devoted to this scrap gold marketing topic.
    • Here’s just one: Use Craigslist. This is a free and easy method to come to the attention of folks who need money for a financial emergency and have gold rings, necklaces, bracelets… to bring to you.

      How to Start a Cash for Gold Biz
      How to Start a Cash for Gold Biz

Remember! Millions of folks all over the world need money when they’re hit with a financial setback. And 73% of them have access to some gold jewelry thet can sell to you in a pinch at 40% – 60% of its scrap gold value. YOU can help them AND make some serious cash doing it! Our “How to Start a Cash for Gold Business Manual” will teach you how.

  • How much $$ Can I make buying scrap gold? TV and internet scrap gold buyers typically pay 10% to 30% of the scrap gold jewelry value. Pawnshops pay desperate gold jewelry sellers 30% to 35% of its value. Refineries will pay you 85% to 98% of the spot price of scrap gold. Our “Scrap Gold Manual” teaches YOU all of this.

Yeah, I know! This “Post” is getting long winded!! So I’ll end it here. Again, if you’re ready to get started making money buying and selling scrap gold, get our “Scrap Gold Business Manual” here: The Manual.

Otherwise, signup for our free Newsletter and receive tips, tricks, tactics and strategies over the coming weeks. It’s 100% focused on how to make money buying AND selling scrap gold and jewelry.


Gold – How to Buy and Sell Gold


“Gold” by Matthew Hart is worth reading. If you want to understand the role gold has played a role in history, how gold values versus currencies are determined, and how you can make an educated guess as to the future direction of scrap gold prices, read this book.

THe author, Matthew wrote “Diamond” as well. I have not yet read “Diamond” but I soon will.

“Gold” reveals not only the long history of the precious metal, but discusses the economics gold has played in nation building. From the aerliest civilizations, through the 2008 economic crisis and up til today, “Gold” is a fascinating, roller coaster read!

You want to make serious money buying and selling scrap gold? Get our book “How to Buy and Sell Scrap Gold” here available immediately as a PDF download:

After reading our book, haed over to Amazon and grab a copy of “Gold” by Matthew Hart. These two combined resources will provide you with the knowledge to buy and sell gold at a profit and help you adjust competently to future gyrations that always accompany scrap gold prices.


How to Sell Scrap Gold


How do you get the best price for your scrap gold & gold jewelry?

  1. Take a pair of pliers and remove any gems and clasps from each scrap gold jewelry piece.
  2. Place all marked pieces – 14K, 18K and unmarked in 3 separate plastic baggies.
  3. Check today’s scrap gold price at Calculate the value of each bag’s contents by using the simple formula in our book, “How to Buy and Sell Scrap Gold.” For example, today’s price of spot gold divided by the number of grams in a troy ounce [31.1],and multiply by 14/24  to determine the value per gram. [Example: if today’s scrap gold price is $1250, and you’re valuing 14K scrap the resulting value = $23.44/per gram. You have 15 gms. in your 14K plastic bag = $351.17 in scrap gold.
  4. Assume your “unmarked” scrap is 14K.
  5. Visit at least 3 scrap gold buyers for estimates. Your goal is 95% in cash to you for your raw scrap value.
  6. If you have a lot of scrap and/or unmarked gold, consider investing $25 in an inexpensive scrap gold test kit as described in our 90 page book, “How to Start a Scrap Gold Buy – Sell Business.”

Texas Scrap Gold License


Effective January 1, 2012, a person operating as a crafted precious metal dealer in the State of Texas must register with the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC). As defined in Chapter 1956 of the Texas Occupations Code, a crafted precious metal dealer is a person registered to engage in the business of purchasing and selling precious metal items, EXCEPT FOR coins, bars, commemorative medallions, or items that the dealer purchases for 105% or more of the scrap value.
All registrations with the OCCC must be submitted through the Texas Department of Public Safety’s (TxDPS) website.

Click on the appropriate link below to file a new registration or to renew an existing registration.

New User Registration
I f you have never used the Metals Registration program through the TxDPS website, click the link below to create a new account. Once your account has been created, you may complete and submit your OCCC registration application through the TxDPS portal.
Existing User Registration & Renewals
If you currently have a user account for the Metals Registration program through the TxDPS website, use this link to submit your OCCC registration application and renewal through the TxDPS portal.

Submit New Registration or
Renewal Application

Public Records
Access to public records and reports as provided through the TxDS portal.

How to Start Cash for Gold Business: North Carolina

Start cash for gold business

Congratulations on starting your business in North Carolina. The first step for starting a cash for gold business is to determine if you need a license to purchase scrap gold from the public. Step one if you plan to operate in North Carolina is contacting Business Link North Carolina and speaking with one of their Business Counselors. This free service is available by calling 1-800-228-8443 or (919) 807-4280 Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm EST.

BLNC counselors provide:

  • One-on-one client consultations
  • Customized state license requirements
  • Access to hands on assistance for writing your business plan
  • Employer and business structure forms
  • Funding programs and resources
  • Minority programs
  • Assistance with government contracting and procurement
  • Referrals to Local, State & Federal business services, programs & resources
  • A Small Business Ombudsman to work on your behalf to resolve issues with State Government Agencies

Welcome to BLNC ( the vast network of resources to help your business start, grow and expand.

Frankly, whether you need a license to buy scrap gold at “gold parties” is not made clear. make the call! And if you don’t like the answer, we’ve found it sometimes helps to call again. It’s likely you’ll speak to another government employee with a different answer :o) This is more common than you will ever believe; until it happens to you.

Now go make some cash for gold money and “Dump your job.”