Electronic Gold Tester Review


We prefer to use an electronic gold tester! But, in spite of what you’ve seen or read, you don’t have to start a scrap gold business by purchasing an electronic gold tester costing hundreds of dollars! Our research reveals there are alternatives and we’ll discuss them here.

Scrap gold acid test kits work just fine. They offer virtually no potential for accidents or health problems. However, you do have to use a bit of common sense. (See the “Gold Testing with Acids” Video).

With that said, again we must admit we do like electronic gold testers. We’ve tried virtually all of them and recommend the Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000.

The Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000  is very easy to operate and it won’t break the bank. An additional advantage of the Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000 is that your scrap gold sellers, whether at a scrap gold jewelry party, in your gold buying store, at your scrap gold sellers home, or in your office, will perceive you to be more professional and accurate. This can be a huge positive for your scrap gold buying business.

The Tri Electronics GT 3000 retails for around $200.  We have found the very best source for purchasing electronic gold testers is Amazon; safe, reliable, guaranteed and very easy. We’ve communicated directly with Tri Electronics only to be told we must purchase through their distributor; even for large quantities.  Other than at Amazon, you typically find the Tri Electronics GT 3000 Gold Tester selling for $215 to as much as $279.95.

Our “Starting a Scrap Gold Business Manual” goes into GREAT DETAIL describing how to use a simple scrap gold test kit and an electronic gold tester. With just a little bit of practice you can become an expert testing gold. The very basic approach to testing gold with the Tri Electronic GT 3000 is as follows:

Simply insert the gel pen in the capsule,  attach the clip to the clip board, and the 2 wires to the Tri Electronics GT 3000 console. Then just attach your gold piece to the clip board to complete the circuit. Press “Test” on the console and match the number you see to the table provided to determine the karat of your jewelry. Simple and clean!

We’ve tested several other electronic gold testers including the Mizar M24 Gold Tester but we keep coming back to the Tri Electronics GT 3000 for accuracy, ease of use and price.