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How to start a scrap gold or gold part business

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Gold: Cash for Gold Business


Scrap Gold Guru is focused on teaching our staff and entrepreneurs how to buy and sell scrap gold, jewelry, computer “innards” and all other sources of gold and silver for profit.

We’re talking about launching a “Cash for Gold Business” anywhere in the world.

The beauty of a scrap gold business is that you can work from any location on planet earth while making substantial profits.

Entrepreneurs should be aware that scrap gold profits are available for buyers of
gold coins, scrap gold, sterling silver sets and more.

Although buying and selling gold is not rocket science, there are a few key strategies and tactics for building your gold business.

Regarding start up costs for a scrap gold business, an entrepreneur can begin with a few simple gold testing devices, scales, test kits and supplies all for less than $100 total via Amazon where you can have any Electronic Jewelry Scale Gram, Carat, Oz- Plus Complete Gold/Silver Purity Test Kit, Diamond Tester and More delivered directly to your home within 24 hours.

Our “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business Manual” is available immediately via a secure, downloadable PDF file for $17.00. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted.

Here’s the details of our newly updated Scrap Gold Manual:
So… just exactly what does our 100+ page “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business Guide” teach you?

Let’s review the Chapters…

  1. Scrap Gold Business Table of Contents
  2. Disclaimer Stuff
  3. Forward
  4. A Little Bit About Us: Buying & Selling Gold for a Profit.
  5. Definition of a Scrap Gold Buyer
  6. Secrets to Winning as a Scrap Gold Buyer
  7. How Much $$ Can You Make Buying and Selling Scrap Gold
  8. Understanding Gold: Karat, Purity, Weight…
  9. Print This Page and Keep a Copy
  10. Scrap Gold: What to Buy and How to Pitch It
  11. How to Maximize Your Profits
  12. Additional Scrap Gold Sources
  13. Gold Testing Supplies You Need
  14. Testing Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum
  15. Typical Electronic Gold Tester
  16. How Much to Pay for Your Scrap Gold
  17. How to Calculate How Much the Refinery Will Pay You
  18. Locating and Working with a Refiner
  19. Scrap Gold Refiner Questions You Must Ask
  20. List of Scrap Gold Refiners and Contact Information
  21. Scams: How to Avoid Them
  22. Security Issues
  23. How to Make Money with Gold Parties
  24. How Much Money Can You Make with Gold Parties
  25. The Nuts & Bolts of a Gold Party
  26. Marketing Your Gold Party
  27. Killer Marketing & Referral Ideas
  28. Building Your Scrap Gold Party Business: Paying Your Hosts
  29. Legal Considerations
  30. Templates
  31. Web Site Development, Domain Names and Hosting a Scrap Gold Business
  32. Search Engine Tactics & Strategies
  33. Conclusion
  34. Sample Marketing Pieces
  35. More on Licensing

Again, you can start on Your Path to Making Money 5 Minutes From This Very Moment!


Our Gold Manual teaches you how to put more money in your pocket! You have access to the very same training materials our staff uses to teach our new employees.

Amazon for gold testing acids, electronic testers, scales…
When you’re looking to launch a cash for gold business, offers a quick, convenient, and confidential training method to learn the ropes of buying gold and silver.

Even experienced scrap gold and silver entrepreneurs need new ideas and insight . We are in the business and continue to learn scrap gold buying tactics daily. We certainly understand that everyone needs help now and then, and we’re here to help.

We are a small, family-owned business that’s been around for over 10 years. Our philosophy is simple: Honesty, Expertise, & Respect. That goes for both our customers & our team!



4 Secrets: How to Start a Gold Business


4 secrets to making money by buying and selling scrap gold.

You want to start a gold business? We have your solution!

Who is our “Gold Business Profit Guide” for? It’s for entrepreneurs, small business operators, investors, collectors, fund raisers and anyone else who wants to learn how to make serious money buying and selling scrap gold.

How to Start Gold Business
Cash for Gold Biz

Our guide, “How to Make Money Buying & Selling Scrap Gold and Jewelry”  enables you to enter the lucrative gold buying and selling industry.

Whether you plan to start a mobile gold buying business, open a “cash for gold” store, build a gold party business, start a hobby that makes money rather than costs you money, or add a gold buying operation to an existing business, our “Scrap Gold Guide” will show you the way.

Not only can a scrap gold jewelry business be extremely profitable, but it can free you from the “daily grind” and provide a fascinating path to a life in which you spend your time exactly the way you choose.

It doesn’t take years of study and an expensive college degree followed by long hours working for the “company” to learn the gold business.

If you invest one weekend studying our  Scrap Gold Guide –  including practicing weighing and testing scrap gold, silver and platinum – you’ll have the power to achieve financial freedom and the confidence and the confidence that comes from being certain you have a skill that can be practiced anywhere in the world.

No one can take away your knowledge!

Scrap Gold Business: No one can deprive you of your ability to conduct a business that has always been in demand and will continue to be.

The buying and selling of gold for profit is not only your pathway to financial freedom but is the light to achieving peace of mind. You’ll never again be at the mercy of the whims of an employer.

Never again will you allow a “boss” to put a lid on your income.

With the knowledge gained from studying our “How to Make Money with Scrap Gold & Jewelry Guide” – in concert with effort and action by you – you’ll have the ability to “work” when you want, where you want, as long as you want and to become as rich as you want.

You’ll be rich not only in financial terms, but also in the knowledge that YOU are your own person with the ability to live your life as you like.

As a professional gold buyer, you’ll have the ability to enjoy your life anywhere. You’ll never again stress about how to make money. Young or old, the gold business can be practiced with little regard to your physical condition or intelligence.

A profitable scrap gold business is not rocket science!

Sure, there is some basic arithmetic involved.

  • Simply practice the examples
  • Learn a few gram, pennyweight and ounce transactions
  • Get an inexpensive battery powered calculator and
  • You’ll be set.


Please don’t skim through our “Scrap Gold Guide” and then set it aside never to be referred to again.

As you hold our Gold Business Guide, know that there is POWER in your hands! There is POTENTIAL between your fingers! Don’t let it slip away! Don’t let this opportunity to change your life slowly evaporate into non-action AGAIN. THIS TIME, GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!

Invest in our “Cash for Gold Business Manual” here: Click here to get it!


How to Start Cash for Gold Business


How to Start a Cash for Gold Business

We’ve been buying and selling scrap gold in our car title and payday loan stores for 12+ years.

We have been training entrepreneurs how to start a cash for gold business and get started buying and selling scrap gold jewelry for 10+ years.

Are you ready to jump-in and START buying gold jewelry? Are you tired of “Googling” and “Binging” your nights away trying to figure out how to make some great money while working for yourself in the cash for gold industry?

I know, YOU need some no B.S. answers about the cash for gold buying and selling opportunity that still exists today!

  • Does it matter whether scrap gold is $500 oz or $2000 oz? No! You can always make a good profit on the “spread.” We show you how in our Manual; the same one we use to train all our employees in our mobile buying models and in our cash for gold stores.
  • How do I get new customers? There are dozens of methods for bringing your cash for gold business to the attention of your customers. Our Manual has several chapters devoted to this scrap gold marketing topic.
    • Here’s just one: Use Craigslist. This is a free and easy method to come to the attention of folks who need money for a financial emergency and have gold rings, necklaces, bracelets… to bring to you.

      How to Start a Cash for Gold Biz
      How to Start a Cash for Gold Biz

Remember! Millions of folks all over the world need money when they’re hit with a financial setback. And 73% of them have access to some gold jewelry thet can sell to you in a pinch at 40% – 60% of its scrap gold value. YOU can help them AND make some serious cash doing it! Our “How to Start a Cash for Gold Business Manual” will teach you how.

  • How much $$ Can I make buying scrap gold? TV and internet scrap gold buyers typically pay 10% to 30% of the scrap gold jewelry value. Pawnshops pay desperate gold jewelry sellers 30% to 35% of its value. Refineries will pay you 85% to 98% of the spot price of scrap gold. Our “Scrap Gold Manual” teaches YOU all of this.

Yeah, I know! This “Post” is getting long winded!! So I’ll end it here. Again, if you’re ready to get started making money buying and selling scrap gold, get our “Scrap Gold Business Manual” here: The Manual.

Otherwise, signup for our free Newsletter and receive tips, tricks, tactics and strategies over the coming weeks. It’s 100% focused on how to make money buying AND selling scrap gold and jewelry.


How to Sell Scrap Gold


How do you get the best price for your scrap gold & gold jewelry?

  1. Take a pair of pliers and remove any gems and clasps from each scrap gold jewelry piece.
  2. Place all marked pieces – 14K, 18K and unmarked in 3 separate plastic baggies.
  3. Check today’s scrap gold price at Calculate the value of each bag’s contents by using the simple formula in our book, “How to Buy and Sell Scrap Gold.” For example, today’s price of spot gold divided by the number of grams in a troy ounce [31.1],and multiply by 14/24  to determine the value per gram. [Example: if today’s scrap gold price is $1250, and you’re valuing 14K scrap the resulting value = $23.44/per gram. You have 15 gms. in your 14K plastic bag = $351.17 in scrap gold.
  4. Assume your “unmarked” scrap is 14K.
  5. Visit at least 3 scrap gold buyers for estimates. Your goal is 95% in cash to you for your raw scrap value.
  6. If you have a lot of scrap and/or unmarked gold, consider investing $25 in an inexpensive scrap gold test kit as described in our 90 page book, “How to Start a Scrap Gold Buy – Sell Business.”

Cash for Gold Business-How to Make Money Buying and Selling Scrap Gold


Learn How to Make Money Buying and Selling Scrap Gold

How to Start a cash for gold business

How to start a cash for gold business.

Learn how to make money buying and selling scrap gold and silver. Our “How to Start a Cash for Gold Business” will take you step-by-step through the process.

How to start your scrap gold business, how to make your first scrap gold or silver purchase, find and sell to the best scrap refineries… we’ll teach you – in explicit detail – how, where, when, and what you need to do to start earning as much as $100 an hour or more with a scrap gold business.

We will teach you:

•The basics of buying & selling gold
•The basics of buying & selling silver
•Determining karat
•How to test scrap jewelry
•What to look for…
•How to determine what price to pay
•How to make the customer come to you – marketing and advertising your new business
•How to complete a transaction safely
•What equipment you will need and where to find it
•How, where, and when to sell your bulk Gold and Silver




'Cash for Gold in Atlantic City' photo (c) 2006, Sh4rp_i - license: start a cash for gold business? Because you can make serious money part-time, full time, or weekends. Build a referral business by treating your customers like “gold” and you’ll have a business for life. “No more working for the man.”

It doesn’t matter if gold is $500/oz or $5000/0z; we’ll teach you how to make money “on the spread.” Know the true value of the “piece” after melting for scrap, buy it for 30% – 70% of its scrap value and you’ve hit a home run.

Why Learn this business? : If you’re simply desiring to make a one-time buy, no biggie. Take your piece to 3 -4 scrap gold buyers, accept the best price and have a nice day. On the other hand, if you want to d=build a REAL scrap gold business listen-up!

Learn how to Value  Scrap Gold, it’s easy with our “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business Course.”  In a nut shell? Take the Spot Price of Gold (what gold is trading for) and divide it by 31.1 to get Grams or by 20 to get pennyweights. Then Multiply this number times the Purity Level (percentage of gold)and you have the value of the gold. Here is simple example: A. Spot Price: $1000/31.1 = $32.15/gram of 24K. So one gram of 24K is worth $32.15 under a $1000 Spot Price. B. What about 14K? Determine purity by dividing 14k/24k = 58%, so one gram of 14k would $32.15 x 58% = $18.64. Now you got it. C. Figure Out How much you want to pay. Check out your local competition and price yourself accordingly.

Scrap Gold Licensing: You may need a license to buy gold from the public. How to find out? Pay a visit to your local police department and your city hall and simply ask! Tell them you’re THINKING about buying scrap gold jewelry from the public. Ask the clerk what you need. It’s a no brainer. If you do, get the forms, fill them out, pay the $50 or whatever AND START!

Advertising: Begin by telling everyone you know you buy gold and pay top dollar. Tell everyone you pay referrals fees as well (This is all in our Course!) A simple web site works. is really good. (See our Course for sample ads.) Other Marketing Ideas include  Online Marketing, Blogs, etc and Paid for Ads like print ads, online, radio and TV. As with any business, this is the biggest challenge and it costs money. (Our Scrap Gold Course is loaded with ideas!)

Once you are up and running and locate a good refiner to sell your scrap gold purchases to for top dollar. (Our Course has several listed.)

A Cash for Gold Business can make a lot of Money! Some buyers learn to perform all their transactions on the Internet! They literally make money in their underwear :o)

Step 1? START…………..





Scrap Gold Business Opportunities Expand for Entrepreneurs


With the price of scrap gold continuing to soar, has there ever been a better time for entrepreneurs to enter the gold buying niche? Mark Rich at CaptainCashForGold and owner of his family’s struggling 40 year old jewelry business, doesn’t think so!

Consumers today are focused on getting their hands on some cash rather than spending it on jewelry. And with the daily news barrage of sky high scrap gold prices, it’s easy to understand why they tend to look in their jewelry boxes first. Around the world, the middle-class is struggling with high unemployment and cutbacks in the number of work hours they’re able to log.

What does this mean for small business startups? Opportunity! To tap into the scrap gold buyng and selling niche, you need knowledge and money. Knowledge you can get from us. Our “Scrap Gold Business Startup Book” covers this topic in depth!

Money to start your gold business? You’ll need at least $300 – $500 liquid cash to begin. You’ll need business cards, a cell phone and cash to make purchases from gold sellers, a small digital scale and scrap gold test acids.

Licensing? Some of us operate under “Tis easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission.” If this philosophy doesn’t work for you, check the ‘Licensing Links” to the right and visit your local city hall and police department. Simply tell them you’re contemplating a new scrap gold business and you would like to know what they require, if anything, to allow you to make scrap gold purchases from the public.

Scrap gold buyers licensing has cost us as little as $85/year to as much as $225/year.  In our scrap gold buying stores (which we have combined with payday loan and car title loans) we have invested in certified scales.


How to Start a Cash for Gold Business


Starting a cash for gold business is not rocket science! We’ve opened physical, “brick-n-mortar,” locations in four states. Additionally, we’ve enabled many entrepreneurs to successfully start and profit with scrap gold parties. Finally, we’ve taught payday loan, car title loan operators and related businesses how to add the buying and selling of scrap gold to their existing businesses.

Pot of Goldphoto © 2007 Jeremy Schultz | more info (via: Wylio)
The basics are easy but the tactics and strategies to build a real, money making cash for gold business require insight and training.

Do you really want to gain independence from your “JOB” and build a continuing revenue stream that allows you to “work” when and where YOU want? Are you willing to pay the price required to learn the cash for gold business? Your dollar investment ($47.00) is minimal. The real “price” you must be willing to pay is the investment of your TIME.  Our time is ultimately our most precious commodity; it certainly isn’t money!

So… are you willing to study our “How to Start a Cash for Gold Business Manual,” practice our techniques and “do the work?” If you can honestly answer this question with a resounding YES, order and receive our Manual immediately via email (or have the printed version delivered), read it, re-read it, then practice our techniques and employ our strategies.

And don’t forget to sign-up for our free “Cash for Gold Newsletter” so you can get updates and learn from real world experiences and ideas generated by our clients, readers, and our own operations; it’s generally once per month. And NO, we do not spam you, sell or give away your info, etc. Frankly we don’t have time and it’s not nice!


Cash Your Gold TV Program


Buying and selling scrap gold is getting so profitable that 30 minute TV programs are appearing. I was channel surfing today and I bumped into a TV program sponsored by Cash Your Gold. They spent a full 30 minutes extolling the virtues and profits available buying and selling scrap gold jewelry. They even offered a bonus to the first 500 callers!

Imagine how much money can be made by entrepreneurs who buy and sell gold for their own account and cut out the middle men like Cash for Gold, Cash Your Gold and others.

All it takes is knowledge and a bit of courage to begin. You can learn all you need to know about starting a scrap gold business with our resource, “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business.”Where to start?photo © 2004 Bryan Allison | more info (via: Wylio)