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A book, “How to Make Money with Scrap Gold.” Printed or as an eBook.

How to Buy Scrap Gold


How to Buy Scrap Gold and Make Money Selling It.

Scrap gold and gold jewelry have been prized throughout history.

Scrap-Gold-Bracelet-With-EaringsWars, famine, environmental upheavals ALWAYS drive the price of both scrap gold pieces and collector and jewelry pieces higher in value.

Trump’s election is just one example of the volatility of gold.

Brexit caused gold prices to spike.

Nations continue to fight to acquire gold and to protect it.

There is gold bullion and gold collection pieces.

Your goal is to buy low and sell high!

We teach you how to do this.

How to Make Money Buying & Selling Scrap Gold

Gold, in all its forms, is the only REAL MONEY!

Gold is indestructible. Whether discovered deep beneath the ocean or buried in the back yard, scrap gold and collectible gold pieces maintain their value for eternity.

Accomplishing your goal: to learn the secrets of crafty gold buyers that have been used for centuries – will change your life.

Once gained, this Gold knowledge cannot be taken from you.

And, no matter where you’re located in the world, you can use the knowledge we provide to you to make a great living on your own terms.

There are those of us who call the buying and selling of scrap Gold “WORK.”

I call it FUN!

  • Work
  • Where you want
  • When you want
  • With whomever you want
  • Make as much MONEY as you want.
  • Spend/Invest your money anyway you want.
  • Barter gold for other commodities like card, real estate, food, ammunition, water… even sex if you’re so inclined.

Buying and Selling Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry, Gold Coins and Gold Bars.

Ownership of gold must always be an important tactic for achieving financial peace of mind.

Maintaining physical possession of gold is crucial to having control of part of your wealth.

Although often volatile, Gold has always maintained its value throughout the history of man!

How to buy and sell goldFollow the rules in our new, “How to Buy Scrap Gold and Silver Book!”

Again, you can start on Your Path to Making Money 5 Minutes From This Very Moment!

We can deliver our new Scrap Gold Service Book to your Inbox immediately or ship it free via USPS. (Allow 3-4 biz days).

GET STARTED NOW. Put your new skills to “Work!”

SCRAP GOLD: Learn to buy low and sell high.

Understand that gold valuations run in cycles depending on any number of political, environmental, and fashion themes. You can learn how to get a “handle” on these cycles and profit from them.

  • Imagine having a skill that no one can take from you!
  • A skill that is all in your head.
  • A skill that crosses all borders.
  • A skill that is highly prized in all societies.
  • A skill that never goes out of fashion.
  • A skill that is not impacted by the “sharing economy,” artificial intelligence, robots, driverless cars…
  • A skill you’re never too old to profit from.
  • A skill you can teach to family, friends and clients.
  • A skill that, once learned correctly, will change your life and your reality.



Start a Cash for Gold Business


How to start a cash for gold business

Is now a good time to learn how to make money buying and selling scrap gold, jewelry, watches…?

Scrap gold prices are headed higher again, What’s this mean to you? The opporunity to start a scrap gold business for the cost of a few cups of coffee!

  1. Melted down rings, tooth fillings, bracelets, earrings… are drying up. The desperate poor sold their stuff when gold was above $1500/oz.
  2. Today, the gold mines are tapped out so supply is falling around the world. This leads to higher scarp gold prices.
  3. Payday loans are under attack. The CFPB and the States are killing them. As they disappear, the poor with any gold jewelry left will bring their pieces back into the market for sale.
  4. In 2014, only 28% of the world gold supply came from recycled scrap gold. In 2015 and beyond these numbers will continue to drop.
  5. As this information is absorbed by the masses, there is only one direction for gold prices: UP!
Cash for Gold Biz
Cash for Gold Biz

So… What’s all this mean. Knowledge WINS! You can start a cash for gold business in your home town, expand to Craigs List, then to the Web with our new Book: “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business.”

Set yourself free! Take the first step and invest in YOU! Get the BOOK now!



Gold – How to Buy and Sell Gold


“Gold” by Matthew Hart is worth reading. If you want to understand the role gold has played a role in history, how gold values versus currencies are determined, and how you can make an educated guess as to the future direction of scrap gold prices, read this book.

THe author, Matthew wrote “Diamond” as well. I have not yet read “Diamond” but I soon will.

“Gold” reveals not only the long history of the precious metal, but discusses the economics gold has played in nation building. From the aerliest civilizations, through the 2008 economic crisis and up til today, “Gold” is a fascinating, roller coaster read!

You want to make serious money buying and selling scrap gold? Get our book “How to Buy and Sell Scrap Gold” here available immediately as a PDF download:

After reading our book, haed over to Amazon and grab a copy of “Gold” by Matthew Hart. These two combined resources will provide you with the knowledge to buy and sell gold at a profit and help you adjust competently to future gyrations that always accompany scrap gold prices.


How to Start a Scrap Gold Business


Learning to buy and sell scrap gold profitably is not rocket science!  Sure, there are some things you need to know, but anyone with common sense and perseverance can succeed. PLEASE, DO NOT INVEST in our “Scrap Gold Business Startup Manual” unless you’re willing to invest in yourself, learn the basics and focus.

To make “serious” money buying and selling scrap gold, here’s what we teach :

  1. Website, Store or Mobile business models
  2. Licensing issues and answers
  3. Secrets to winning as a scrap gold buyer
  4. How to pay from 40% to 70% of today’s “spot” price
  5. Refiners: a complete list of refineries that will buy all you can ship them for 92% – 98% of “spot.”
  6. Testing gold
  7. Marketing your biz via websites, offline, gold parties, Craigslist
  8. How to get a great website for less than $100
  9. How to maximize your profits
  10. Step-by-step gold testing with acids and electronic testers.
  11. Scams: how to avoid them
  12. Security: how to protect yourself and your business
  13. Domain names, website hosting, search engine positioning, Google and more
  14. Sample marketing pieces, invitations, email templates
  15. For a complete list of chapters and more info:


Ohio Scrap Gold License Precious Metals Dealers


The Division of Financial Institutions regulates precious metals dealers pursuant to Chapter 4728 of the Ohio Revised Code.


A person wishing to engage in the business of purchasing articles made of or containing gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals or jewels of any description if, in any manner, including any form of advertisement or solicitation of customers, the person holds himself, herself or itself out to the public as willing to purchase such articles must first obtain a license.

Instructions and the forms required to apply for a precious metals dealer’s license can be obtained at The Division will investigate the applicant to determine they meet all the statutory requirements for licensure under the act.

Licenses must be renewed annually. Each precious metals dealer location must be individually licensed. If an office is to be relocated, the licensee must obtain a new license from the Division prior to conducting business at the new location.


Registrants and licensees are responsible for understanding and complying with the applicable statutes. The Division will periodically examine registrants for compliance with Ohio law and has the power to issue subpoenas in the process of conducting examinations and investigations.

In addition, the Division may deny applications for registration, revoke, suspend, or refuse to renew certificates of registration, or impose fines against registrants and licensees pursuant to the Ohio Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 119 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Questions regarding the industries regulated by Consumer Finance may be e-mailed to:


The Gold Rush Continues-Profit with Gold and Silver


The rush to sell gold is continuing. With gold and silver at record highs, consumers are not hesitating to part with their old, scrap gold jewelry and coins. After all, if you have bills to pay and are unemployed, selling your gold is certainly one answer to solving your financial problems.

Buying and selling gold and silver offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build a long-term, highly profitable business in this space.

For example, the Houston Gold Exchange purchased over $11,000 from just one customer,” says owner Brad Schweiss.

Houston Jewelry is experiencing the same thing. Founded in 1953, the Houston jewelry store has been paying out anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 a day for gold and silver from gold sellers coming into their location.

Silver has moved up to $28 per ounce versus historic levels of $5 to $8 per ounce.

For our readers, the obvious question is, how can I participate in this gold rush? How do I know I’m buying or selling scrap gold at the best price? The key is knowledge! Let us train you how to build a scrap gold buying and selling business.

Our “How to Buy & Sell Gold Manual” will walk you through all the steps to achieve your goal of building a great business for yourself buying and selling gold and silver.

Click here to review all the chapters and discussions in our “Gold Business Guide.”


Electronic Gold Tester Review


We prefer to use an electronic gold tester! But, in spite of what you’ve seen or read, you don’t have to start a scrap gold business by purchasing an electronic gold tester costing hundreds of dollars! Our research reveals there are alternatives and we’ll discuss them here.

Scrap gold acid test kits work just fine. They offer virtually no potential for accidents or health problems. However, you do have to use a bit of common sense. (See the “Gold Testing with Acids” Video).

With that said, again we must admit we do like electronic gold testers. We’ve tried virtually all of them and recommend the Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000.

The Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000  is very easy to operate and it won’t break the bank. An additional advantage of the Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000 is that your scrap gold sellers, whether at a scrap gold jewelry party, in your gold buying store, at your scrap gold sellers home, or in your office, will perceive you to be more professional and accurate. This can be a huge positive for your scrap gold buying business.

The Tri Electronics GT 3000 retails for around $200.  We have found the very best source for purchasing electronic gold testers is Amazon; safe, reliable, guaranteed and very easy. We’ve communicated directly with Tri Electronics only to be told we must purchase through their distributor; even for large quantities.  Other than at Amazon, you typically find the Tri Electronics GT 3000 Gold Tester selling for $215 to as much as $279.95.

Our “Starting a Scrap Gold Business Manual” goes into GREAT DETAIL describing how to use a simple scrap gold test kit and an electronic gold tester. With just a little bit of practice you can become an expert testing gold. The very basic approach to testing gold with the Tri Electronic GT 3000 is as follows:

Simply insert the gel pen in the capsule,  attach the clip to the clip board, and the 2 wires to the Tri Electronics GT 3000 console. Then just attach your gold piece to the clip board to complete the circuit. Press “Test” on the console and match the number you see to the table provided to determine the karat of your jewelry. Simple and clean!

We’ve tested several other electronic gold testers including the Mizar M24 Gold Tester but we keep coming back to the Tri Electronics GT 3000 for accuracy, ease of use and price.