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What is a Gold Party


What is a scrap gold jewelry party? Just as it sounds, a party where friends and family come together to sell their old, scrap gold jewelry pieces.

Actually, a gold party is similar to a Tupperware or Amway type of meeting or party except, in the case of a scrap gold jewelry party, everyone LEAVES the party with cash rather than a collection of Tupperware, vitamins, soap, etc.

Also, the person who acts as the Host or Gold Party Hostess, typically receives a cash payout amounting to 10% of all the scrap gold purchased at the party.

For example, if $3000 worth of scrap gold is bought at the gold party, the hostess receives $300 just for hosting the gold party. Of course, if the Gold Party Host has the cash and the knowledge to also act as the scrap gold buyer, then the profits derived from selling their scrap gold purchases to one of the gold refiners listed in our “Scrap Gold Business Start Up Manual” belongs to them as well! A very nice situation!

What’s really great about gold parties, besides the money everyone receives, is the FUN! Often, food and drink is served allowing everyone to enjoy themselves and leave the gold party with some cash!

A scrap gold party and business can prove to be the path to a whole new, financially rewarding life! You can make a good living buying and selling scrap gold while making new friends and entertaining.

All this requires is knowledge and effort. We can teach you if you’re ready to learn. Consider an investment of $47 to learn how to participate in this lucrative industry. Get our “How to Start a Scrap Gold Business Manual” now!