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Gold – How to Buy and Sell Gold


“Gold” by Matthew Hart is worth reading. If you want to understand the role gold has played a role in history, how gold values versus currencies are determined, and how you can make an educated guess as to the future direction of scrap gold prices, read this book.

THe author, Matthew wrote “Diamond” as well. I have not yet read “Diamond” but I soon will.

“Gold” reveals not only the long history of the precious metal, but discusses the economics gold has played in nation building. From the aerliest civilizations, through the 2008 economic crisis and up til today, “Gold” is a fascinating, roller coaster read!

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After reading our book, haed over to Amazon and grab a copy of “Gold” by Matthew Hart. These two combined resources will provide you with the knowledge to buy and sell gold at a profit and help you adjust competently to future gyrations that always accompany scrap gold prices.